[linux-elitists] What would be the proper course of action for a possible GPL violation?

James Sparenberg james@linuxrebel.org
Wed May 14 19:55:05 PDT 2008


   As some of you may have seen on slashdot there is an announcement that all 
asus mobo's will in the near future contain built in splashtop Linux desktop.  
Being the curious monkey I am.  I go to the site and start looking for 
packages and source.  Just to see what it is I'm dealing with.

  Not only am I not finding a path to source, but I saw this page and the 
following paragraph contained within.  


DeviceVM is releasing its first software product, Splashtop, in October of 
2007. Splashtop is a proprietary technology developed by DeviceVM that 
provides users with a rapid-start alternative to the traditional operating 

Now before people start calling me alarmist.  I'm not trying to raise a call 
to arms, and I do understand business.  What I'm looking for is the proper 
method to follow to find the people able to assist DeviceVM in working with 
GPL'd software, and complying with it's license.  



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