[linux-elitists] Portable music player?

Phil Mayers p.mayers@imperial.ac.uk
Wed Mar 19 07:39:10 PDT 2008

>Well, I went and got one.  (None of the big-box
>stores around here sounds anywhere near as classy as
>"Tottenham Court Road" so I won't even try. I somehow
>imagine the Tottenham Court Road shop assistant
>handing it to you politely, in the regular box,
>instead of making you hack and slash through
>supposedly-dumb-shoplifter-resistant extra layer
>of packaging.)

Ho ho.

Despite the apparently upmarket location in the centre of one of the 
busiest bits of London, I can assure you the electronics shops on TCR 
are, by and large, flea markets.

On several occasions, I've had reason to suspect the stuff I'm being 
offered did not leave its previous owners hands willingly...

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