[linux-elitists] Portable music player?

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Wed Mar 19 05:36:54 PDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 22:53 +1300, Paul Collins wrote:
> Teh Entar-Nick <nick@teh.entar.net> writes:
> > This is also, I believe, the reasoning behind the PlaysForSure
> > certification from Microsoft.  If the device does MTP or USB storage,
> > it gets a little "Just Works" sticker from Redmond.
> PlaysForSure also includes a DRM scheme that is, get this, completely
> different to and incompatible with Microsoft's own Zune DRM.

PlaysForSure, it's Dead Jim.

Microsoft dropped it a few months ago. Citing some stupid reason.
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