[linux-elitists] Portable music player?

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Tue Mar 18 11:55:04 PDT 2008

Don Marti:
> Well, I went and got one.  (None of the big-box stores around here
> sounds anywhere near as classy as "Tottenham Court Road" so I won't
> even try. I somehow imagine the Tottenham Court Road shop assistant
> handing it to you politely, in the regular box, instead of making you
> hack and slash through supposedly-dumb-shoplifter-resistant extra
> layer of packaging.)  About 60 US lire.

Tottenham Court Road is an actual road that runs through The City of
London (London has two cities and many more boroughs besides), and it's
where all the dodgy electronics retailers and pricey electronics
manufacturer outlet shops are.  It's sort of the closest you'll get to
Akihabara in London, but without all the anime.  Instead you get this


Mine was £40, which I think comes to about US$100 these days.  That
said, I did actually get it from a Samsung outlet, and there was
actually a shop assistant who sold it to me in the regular box.

> but, so near and yet so far -- the "Portable Players - MTP" plugin was
> not on by default.  

Yeah, I did the same dance.  Fortunately this advice pops up when you
google for the model number and "ubuntu".  And as I mentioned earlier,
Hardy may have MTP fuse support in nautilus (no idea if it'll be

> (Still much easier than the non-Linux instructions in the little
> booklet.  It's a place where Free Software, thanks to lower
> transaction costs, has an inherent usability advantage.  Apple seems
> to have borrowed the "click-n-run warehouse" idea for their iPhone, so
> the best that Evil can do is already close, though.)

This is also, I believe, the reasoning behind the PlaysForSure
certification from Microsoft.  If the device does MTP or USB storage, it
gets a little "Just Works" sticker from Redmond.  I am guessing that
there is probably some wrinkle that prevents Linux users from using this
as reliable purchasing advice.

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