[linux-elitists] How about digital voice recorders while we're at it?

Raj Shekhar rajlist@rajshekhar.net
Mon Mar 17 00:36:39 PDT 2008

in infinite wisdom Karsten M. Self spoke thus  On 03/17/2008 12:18 AM:

> In my own case, it's a slight variant:  I'm looking for a good digital
> voice recorder which saves to a reasonably supported standard, and has
> good general features.

Me too :-)

I want to record the sessions in the mysql user conference, so I would 
like a recorder that has good mic or which can take in an external mic.

I have used sansa to record telephonic conversations and I was happy 
with the result (I got out wav file from the device).  However, I am not 
so sure if it is a good device for the conferance, as it cannot take in 
external mic and has limited space.

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