[linux-elitists] Portable music player?

James Sparenberg james@linuxrebel.org
Mon Mar 17 00:03:24 PDT 2008

Well I do own an N800 for pretty much the reasons you state below, 
and admittedly, because it runs Linux.  I use it + XMMS (yes I can get Kagu
or the new beta canola and have flipping screens etc.) to listen to my music. 
Over all, I spend a lot of time in the apps forum of 
http://internettablettalk.com  and as a result.  I'm having fun
with BT headphones (though it does cut battery life noticeably)
or regular, but higher quality than stock, phones.  

It works fine with audio podcasts, but video ones really need 
to be run through a conversion tool.  Once you run them through
conversion it's usable as a video tool as well.

Downsides.  OGG support is community only, somewhat less reliable 
than you would expect, and definitely not Nokia's desire.  Video is 
limited to avi and mpeg only.   Additionally it's no where near the easy to 
pop in a pocket size of my sons shuffle.  Finally I really wish Nokia's
team would get the concept of tabs, but I digress.

But then again how many iPods do you know that can ssh to a main server, 
or chat with pidgin while using minicom to talk to a cisco router.  (the last 
one I just began to get this beast to do, tad flaky but hey.)  


On Saturday 15 March 2008 15:36:22 Don Marti wrote:
> I now have enough no-laptop time in my day that I can
> justify getting some kind of portable media player.
> I'll have some podcasts coming in as MP3, plus my
> collection of ripped or Creative Commons music which
> is all Ogg or FLAC.
> Jon Corbet points out...
>   http://lwn.net/Articles/272778/
> that there's nothing on the market right now that will
> run Rockbox, and I'm not really in the mood to crawl
> through auction sites and garage sales for a vintage
> iRiver H340, nice though I'm sure it is.
> So is it "Dude, you're getting an N800" time?
> JK Audio is coming out with a Bluetooth mic preamp:
>   http://jkaudio.com/bluepack.htm
> which might mean that in the future I could use the
> N800 as a portable recorder too.  But for now I just
> need a way to play stuff.

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