[linux-elitists] How about digital voice recorders while we're at it? (was: Re: Portable music player?)

Karsten M. Self karsten@linuxmafia.com
Sun Mar 16 11:48:02 PDT 2008

on Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 03:36:22PM -0700, Don Marti (dmarti@zgp.org) wrote:
> I now have enough no-laptop time in my day that I can
> justify getting some kind of portable media player.

In my own case, it's a slight variant:  I'm looking for a good digital
voice recorder which saves to a reasonably supported standard, and has
good general features.  Reading specs on packaging is pretty much a lost

Feature list:

  - Save to WAV, MP3, OGG (fat chance), or another open standard audio
    format.  Found an RCA that somewhat works but saves to "VOC" format,
    which is apparently somewhat supported but not in this particular
    implementation.  I'm finding references to units which apparently
    store to WMV / WMA (windows media) format, which may work, would
    like to know what other's experiences are.

  - "Supported" == can play/edit w/ xmms, audacity, and/or sox.

  - File transfer capabilities.  Usually means "treat device like a USB
    drive".  Much faster than recording over audio-out.

  - Good navigation on the unit itself.  Skipping between recordings,
    forward/back scan w/in a given recording, bookmarking w/in
    recordings.  The RCA unit's fast-forward and very, very, very slow
    reverse functions simply suck.

  - High capacity.  30 - 100+ hours would be good.  Means I don't have
    to constantly worry about running out of storage.

  - Capable of taking rechargeable batteries.  Because I love my mother.


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