[linux-elitists] Portable music player?

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Sun Mar 16 10:49:03 PDT 2008

Don Marti:
> I now have enough no-laptop time in my day that I can justify getting
> some kind of portable media player.  I'll have some podcasts coming in
> as MP3, plus my collection of ripped or Creative Commons music which
> is all Ogg or FLAC.

As luck would have it, I hit roughly the same crisis point as my iriver
battery has reached the "you get 20 minutes before I shut off" point.
As a result, I gave up and hit Tottenham Court Road.  I got a Samsung
YP-U3J QB (that's the 2GB flash model), as I was sick of dealing with
the chunky hard drive models and remotes and all that.  Set me back
about £40.

It's an MTP device, so I have to use either rhythmbox or mtp-tools right
now.  I read that there might be a raw storage mode for the thing, but
it's still filling up its first charge as I type this.

The thing advertises its ogg support on the box, which is what gave me
the courage to drop cash for it.

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