[linux-elitists] USB-Serial and pppd

Matthew Galgoci mgalgoci@redhat.com
Thu Jun 12 10:27:41 PDT 2008

> Yes, the "generic" usb-serial driver is slow, as designed.  The sierra
> driver is not using the "generic" driver, but only the usb-serial
> framework, and as such, should be much faster.
> What kernel versions are you using in your above configurations?


I've got a Verizon USB720 branded Novatel Wireless CDMA device. It's
currently using the "option" driver* by Matthias Urlichs in conjunction
with usb-serial**.

Kernel version is the current Fedora 9 errata kernel***.

It seems fairly snappy but in light of your comments, I'm wondering if
this is suboptimal and if there is a way to make it go faster. Any



* filename: /lib/modules/
license:        GPL
version:        v0.7.1
description:    USB Driver for GSM modems
author:         Matthias Urlichs <smurf@smurf.noris.de>
srcversion:     FE0FFA528BE676F578A1070

** filename: /lib/modules/
license:        GPL
description:    USB Serial Driver core
author:         Greg Kroah-Hartman, greg@kroah.com, http://www.kroah.com/linux/
srcversion:     56317F83C6B45A92E438BF2


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