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Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Sun Jul 27 14:39:51 PDT 2008

(If you're against cruelty to veal calves, do you make
a reservation at a veal-serving restaurant, ask the
waiter if the veal was humanely raised, and walk out?)

If there's to be a protest, why not one against the
non-Apple portable music player manufacturers for
unforgiveable crap-assitude and product-wrecking
iFanboyism?   Yes, I bought the Samsung that plays
Oggs, and it sounds OK and plays all the right
formats, but the interface is hopelessly confusing.

Where is the non-DRM music organizer
application/device combination that will work with
Amazon or Magnatune anywhere close to as well as the
Apple iTMS/iTunes/iPod chain works?

Rhythmbox is pretty good, but major label music
ordering is still wishlist:

And device manufacturers seem more concerned with
copying the superficial aspects of the iPod (ooo!
white headphone cord!) than making a usable product.
Why not make something that's different, but good in
its own way?

Don't forget the accessories market: all proprietary
iPod connectors, all the time.

We didn't tell people to "burn all GIFs" until the
PNG format was at least usable for most web sites.
Even RMS had a hit text editor first, manifesto later.
A Gentoo CD and a Philips screwdriver is closer to a
Macintosh than the current non-Apple music products
and services are to iTMS/iTunes/iPod.

The audience for an anti-DRM protest is not the
Most Powerful Man in Music and his employees, but
the people who are watching the Most Powerful Man
in Music use DRM to eat their lunches.  The record
cartels have gotten a clue (a little late to avoid
creating the Most Powerful Man in Music problem,
though), and the independent musicians never lost it.
The stores are pretty good -- try buying a Magnatune
album from your favorite Free music organizer.
The music organizer apps are a little wannabe-iTunes
for my taste, but not bad.  (Good enough to see me
through until I finish my headless homebrew one that
doesn't make the user play music librarian. Think 3
commands: "sucks" "rules", and "pause".)

So where's the suckage...I mean "Opportunity

DRM-free online music value chain 2008 (TM)

Source -> store     -> music organizer -> device -> add-ons -> user
(indies,  (Amazon,     (Rhythmbox,        ?????????????????    +++
cartel)    Magnatune)   amaroK)           GAP OF SUCKAGE:      SHOW
+++++      +++          ++                Devices are half-    US
LET'S      GOOD         PRETTY            ass iPods; add-ons   SOMETHING
GO                      GOOD              locked in            REAL
ALREADY                                                        NOT YOUR

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