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	    Is it just me, or is it the FSF that seems to have gone defective?

Maybe neither.  I think you and some others have misunderstood and
misjudged our protest.

    Their latest anti-iPhone campaign[1] crosses some lines I'm not too pleased
    with. They're urging people to setup a meatspace denial of service attack
    against the "Genius Bars" in Apple Stores world wide

That's not what we are doing.  We have asked people to go to Apple
stores and show Apple's staff their opposition to Apple's DRM.
Describing this with terms such as "denial of service" and
"disruption" is untrue.

Calling it an "attack" is an exaggeration.  When people go one by one
to a store and tell the staff what they think, that's not an attack.
When Apple implements DRM, when Apple deactivates unlocked iPhones,
that's an attack.

"Voting with your feet" means individually rejecting DRM.  Of course
you should do that, but acting collectively is stronger than acting
individually.  The movie companies organize, the record companies
organize, and a large company such as Apple is lots of people who are
organized to achieve an aim which in this case is unjust.

To overcome them, we must organize too.  It would be a shame if DRM
prevails because we artificially limited ourselves to individual
action in response to a well-planned attack on our freedom.

So if you recognize DRM as a threat to your freedom, please
participate in this and other protests.  If even 5 protestors visit a
store in a day, the protest will be a success there, but we cannot
take that much participation for granted.

I am not a supporter of Linux, and I am not on the linux-elitists
mailing list.  So it is likely that my response will not get through
to the list.  If it does not, would you please forward it there?

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