[linux-elitists] Defective By Design

Aaron Porter atporter@primate.net
Sat Jul 26 13:31:54 PDT 2008

	Is it just me, or is it the FSF that seems to have gone defective?
Their latest anti-iPhone campaign[1] crosses some lines I'm not too pleased
with. They're urging people to setup a meatspace denial of service attack
against the "Genius Bars" in Apple Stores world wide in an effort to
educate Apple about it's product is "restricting your freedoms".
	They previously posted "5 reasons to avoid iPhone 3G"[2], a brief
but quite valid list of reasons users might want to avoid the iPhone
(curiously omitting the lack of any support for non-iTunes activation,
use, etc). Their last reason for avoiding the device -- "iPhone is not the
only option." seems to negate the militant tactics they're adopting now.
	I've been a longtime supporter of the FSF (up to but not including
prefixing Linux with GNU), contributing my own time and money as well as
pushing through software "purchases" by my employers. I'm not sure I want
to be associated with the group after this.
	Sure the iPhone is sexy, but there has been sexy hardware for
decades that lacked free software support. I have and continue to "vote
with my feet" -- making purchasing decisions for myself and my employers
based on our ability to use products in the way we desire. I have and will
continue to try to educate others and convince them to do the same. I
don't think I'll every be convinced that deliberately disrupting a legal
business practice and denying a valid service to users who have made
different ethical choices than my own will have a positive result in
freeing anything.

[1] http://www.defectivebydesign.org/apple-challenge
[2] http://defectivebydesign.org/5-reasons-to-avoid-iphone-3g

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