[linux-elitists] Elan Digital Systems devices...

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Thu Dec 11 10:38:09 PST 2008

Ok, now I have something not supported that probably should be able to
be supported fairly easily.

I have an Elan Digital Systems U142

Re-badged as Quatech PCX-D/U142-E that I purchased it from here:

This is one of those things I need to use for my netbook to extend
capability. I have a EEE-PC 2GB Surf with 512MB and 2GB SSD all soldered
on. I have a 4GB SDHD Memory card for it and this Elan device for my

I'll send one of these off to someone for free to get it able to be
usable for Linux. I just need a guarantee that the certain person will
work on it.

This device works with the WindowsXP version and my AC595 perfectly
through Verizon.

I've will attach the output from "lsusb -vvv -d0403:6deb" and all the
logs relating to the HAL and message and debug stuff I can find, if you
want it for direct send off list.

I am currently running Debian SID fully updated to TODAY (2008-12-11) at
0900 EST (or 1400 GMT). On the machine I am using to test it out (my
Lenovo Stinkpad T61).

I've run as root: update-usbids
before all these plugins and so on.

A pointer in the real right direction would be good or even a direct
e-mail by interested parties. Yes, freely giving this away, with one
condition, it gets worked on soon.

I am expecting a push towards a certain project, but want to make sure
its the right place.
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