[linux-elitists] Per-user network up and down scripts

Greg KH greg@kroah.com
Tue Dec 9 16:52:00 PST 2008

On Tue, Dec 09, 2008 at 03:58:00PM -0800, James Sparenberg wrote:
> On Friday 05 December 2008 07:19:49 Greg KH wrote:
> > On Fri, Dec 05, 2008 at 03:27:19AM -0500, Ruben Safir wrote:
> > > It is doing a hell of a lot less now.  I hate DBUS and HAL
> > 
> > Then go back to a 5 year old distro and see how well it works for
> > dynamic devices and proper multi-user permissions on those devices.
> > 
> > Good luck,
> > 
> > greg k-h
> > 
> Greg, although I agree with your point, I don't feel that it's a "works 
> in all cases" solution.  

Ok, how about a "works in almost all cases" type solution :)

>   Long have I disagreed with M$, RH and others that a server OS does not 
> need to include the features one needs for Laptops and Desktops.  The 
> more of them it includes (GUI, wireless, ooO.org etc etc etc.) by 
> default, the harder it is to keep a secure system.

Sure, no argument there.  Lots of people know and understand this and
offer Linux distros that allow you to do just that (like Gentoo for
example, which runs one of the largest banks in the US right now, that
isn't failing...)

>   HAL is great for dynamic environments, D-Bus seems to be reasonably 
> simple for programmers to connect to, but I can see the need for a non-
> dynamic way of handling things.  In fact on my servers I often block all 
> dynamic events (as far as hardware insertion goes) simply because it 
> makes it harder for id-10-t's to do funky things.   (and btw I keep USB 
> to PS2 adapters around for keyboards)  

Which way is the adapter, allowing you to plug a USB keyboard into a
PS/2 port on the server?  Or the other way around?  PS/2 doesn't take
kindly to hotplugging it, I've fried motherboards that way pretty

> Great to have HAL if I'm on a laptop/Desktop.  Not so needed if I'm on a 
> server.  There the hardware is static as ever.  

For some servers, yes.  For others, they are just as dynamic, it all
depends on the usage model.

So sure, strip out HAL and dbus if you like, I have no objection at all.

good luck,

greg k-h

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