[linux-elitists] Per-user network up and down scripts

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Fri Dec 5 12:41:23 PST 2008

Quoting Greg KH (greg@kroah.com):

> But you do need persistant device naming for your printers, that is why
> the whole udev thing was started in the first place

I appreciate that.  Specifically, _USB_ printers, since no prior interface
suffered USB's hapless ambiguity about addressing.  (That is one of
several reasons I'd far rather have a network printer, generally.)

Of course, two USB printers on one box is seldom seen.

> How does it "just work"?  I have about 10 different usb storage devices
> here, and more collect every day.  You need some type of "automount"
> system to be able to do this properly

No, you don't.

Again, "collecting more each day" is another edge case.  Even seriously
geeky people at most have two or three banging around their pockets,
changing that population only once in a blue moon.

So, you go do "mount /dev/sdb1 /media/blah", hmm, doesn't work, 
"mount /dev/sdc1 /media/blah".  If that still doesn't work, peek at the
end of the logfile, resubmit mount invocation, done.

If the above gets to be a hassle, add their UUIDs to /etc/fstab.

You don't think that's "properly":  To me, it fits the operational
definition of "just works".

> Oh, and are you going to tell my daughter to go edit /etc/fstab just to
> plug in her new usb drive that she bought at the store?

I don't think your daughter and I have even been formally introduced,
Greg.  ;->

Meanwhile, my machines are not built for your daughter's convenience,
but rather mine.  In my world, automounters tend to cause more trouble
than they merit.

If your daughter ever does come for a visit, and needs access to my
laptop's USB ports, we'll figure something out.

> gnome and kde, "out of the box" have sensible defaults for how to do
> this.  You should never have to configure anything unless you want to do
> "special" things.

A "special" thing like say "No thanks" to GNOME and KDE, you mean?

> Without an automounter, how are you going to automatically mount a usb
> device that is plugged into your machine? 

The same way I always have.

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