[linux-elitists] Editor Emeritus... wishing it was still Editor in Chief

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Fri Apr 4 09:15:48 PDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-04-04 at 07:06 -0700, Don Marti wrote:
> begin Don Marti quotation of Sun, Dec 17, 2006 at 11:06:35PM -0800:
> > Please give it a try.  You'll be able to get IDG News
> > Service stuff -- including Bob McMillan for those who
> > remember LinuxWorld.com two incarnations ago, along
> > with Network World content, a weekly kernel article
> > syndicated from LWN, and some original articles.
> > RSS here:
> >   http://www.linuxworld.com/rss/linux-news.xml
> That was a teaser-only feed -- bad.  There's now a
> full-text feed, here:
>   http://www.linuxworld.com/rss/dynamic_rss_full.jsp?site=l
> If you want to keep up with the Mainstream IT Media,
> that's probably the way that has the least in common
> with the big-screen TV in "Idiocracy."

Much better feed.

Also, I've not made the obligatory comment, the Nic is no longer Editor
at Linux Journal. I've not heard the circumstances, but I hope he doing
well. I wish him no ill-will.

Helpful Comment:

Also, just an FYI, Firebug shows a consistent error on Linuxworld's

404 error on:

First discovered/noticed on this article:

BTW, I also have to say, it seems Linuxworld has been more on-topic for
the 9 months or so... which is good.

Now if we can only convince some people that broken quantserve thingers
(img src="//secure.quantserve.com/pixel/p-25K88fxDSEn9Y.gif?tags=nww"
border="0" style="display: none" height="1" width="1") in the header and
doubleclick thingers also broken in multiple places.

They aren't exactly helping anything... remove them or fix them.
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