[linux-elitists] Gentoo, linux users too can be racers

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Mon Oct 29 23:14:11 PDT 2007

In the immortal words of Jeff Waugh <jdub@perkypants.org>:
> <quote who="James Sparenberg">
> > But when you get to things like synaptic and other GUI based tools for the
> > less adept user it isn't obvious in fact some of the tools I've seen will
> > demand removal.
> Like I said, the behaviour of that feature is easily addressed. In general,
> however, that is the right behaviour. If you are removing a package, and no
> other package requires its dependencies, and they were only installed to
> service the needs of that package, booyakasha, let's help the user and get
> rid of them.

Booyakasha! I, too, appreciate when space is freed up by removing
unneccessary libs. For Grandmother's Ubuntu box, when she uninstalls the
cookie recipe database, she might actually want it to remove postgresql
and python and zope -- she just wants cookie recipes. Presumably, if you
are a developer and you need to have support for something built with
python and zope (like Ubuntu's schoolbell and schooltool) then you will
be able to reinstall these even if Grandmother uninstalled them from
your development box. (Bonus -- an open-source recipe app for granny?)

Besides, if these libs are needed, they will be deps for the next thing
Granny installs, so they'll just be reinstalled -- a waste of bandwidth,
perhaps, but very convenient for the non-31337.

Ubuntu used to be much worse in this regard. Around the Hoary/Breezy
era, I seem to recall that the server edition installed all sorts of
desktop crap. Nowadays, the Gutsy installer lets you install just ssh if
you really don't want LAMP or anything on there. Useful if you want to
install a barebone host OS to run virtualized servers.

Tue Oct 30 01:55:53 EDT 2007
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