[linux-elitists] Gentoo, linux users too can be racers

Peter Lowe pgl@yoyo.org
Mon Oct 29 07:30:21 PDT 2007

On Mon 29-10-2007 6:19 am, James Sparenberg wrote:
> 5. Forced dependencies.  Were there is no real dependency (like a lib) but 
> instead it's "Well people who like X also want Y and Z.) Yes I want a text 
> editor and no I don't want a full office suite.  Why can't I install a word 
> processor without a full office suite. 

Thank you! You have just expressed something that I've always found
utterly annoying but never thought too hard about (the overall experience
being something I prefer to forget), so have never really been able to put
my finger on. I FUCKING HATE IT when I try and install something like, I
dunno, Samba, and end up with CUPS, X, and KDE - they're not fuckin
*dependencies*! They're just commonly used with the associated app! Arg.

Incidentally, do FreeBSD people count as Linux Elitists? I suppose they
do, they're sort of a subset. It's like level 2, or something.

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