[linux-elitists] Gentoo, linux users too can be racers

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Sun Oct 28 22:38:52 PDT 2007

<quote who="James Sparenberg">

> 3.  RPM and deb both need a logical "OR" for dependencies.  (deb may have
> a crude form)

How much ORier do you need your OR to be? Depends: package1 | package2 (and
may involve version number differences)...

> 4.  Forced removal of packages I want to keep.  Debian is the worst here.
> I install X that requires Y and Z ... later when I remove X it says that Y
> and Z are orphaned and need to be removed ... Ubuntu variant of Debian
> gets real insistant that I remove Y and Z.  I want to keep them so I have
> to remove them.... and then re-install them Once I do debian says "Ok they
> aren't part of a dependency chain they are ok.  *sigh*

If you avoid aptitude or apt-get autoremove, the implicit dependency
tracking is never invoked. That said, it's an extremely handy feature, and
very easy to adapt to if you are in that situation.

> 5. Forced dependencies.  Were there is no real dependency (like a lib) but
> instead it's "Well people who like X also want Y and Z.) Yes I want a text
> editor and no I don't want a full office suite.  Why can't I install a
> word processor without a full office suite.

You can. For instance, Abiword. Or you can suck up the damage of the rather
large OOo Writer package and dependencies, which is entirely an upstream
issue (OOo has a huge amount of somewhat shared code, and no one has teased
it apart yet), not a packaging issue.

- Jeff

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