[linux-elitists] Mailman Must Die

Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Fri Oct 26 17:11:20 PDT 2007

> Actually Slash is a bad example.
> Slash was written before there was a preponderance of what we eventually 
> came to call "weblog software," but didn't have a name back then. The 
> Linux Kernel was dicey, but Linus justified it in probably the most 
> reasonable way he could: he wanted something small that implemented 
> POSIX syscalls, and acted as a 386 terminal server. Minix wasn't quite 
> POSIX enough at the time and a re-write of those innards would have 
> meant messing with a lot of Minix that was beyond the scope of what his 
> little thing needed to do. He didn't want an extra feature added to 
> Minix the way you want an extra feature or two in Mailman, 


Your still missing the point.  I don't want Mailman at ALL.  I want to just
add a feature or two to my current environment.  Guys, I thought this was
the elitists mailing list...try to keep up ;)

> he wanted a 
> fundamentally different implementation that was a much smaller task. 

Well, that failed.  Nothing smaller about the Linux Kernel any more.

> BSD 
> wasn't clearly going to land on 386 at the time, so it wasn't as much of 
> an option. BSD386 (later FreeBSD) changed all that, of course.
> It was not until later that Linux became a general purpose Kernel project.
> Writing your own thing isn't always bad, it's just that the myopic and 
> proprietary attitude 

What crap.  Writing my own code isn't myopic or proprietary.  You've stretched
this so far already that your skin is going to pop like a ballon.

> that drives most people to re-implement instead of 
> spending half the time figuring out how to add features to an existing 
> system seems counter-productive, especially in the world of open source 
> software.

Or maybe they just like to write their own code and don't live to fulfill
someone elses exceptations of what that other person narrowly (and myoptically)
deem proper behavior.

It's a little campy and dated at this point, but try reading this


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