[linux-elitists] Alpine in Fedora 8

James Sparenberg james@linuxrebel.org
Thu Oct 25 15:25:08 PDT 2007

On Thursday 25 October 2007 12:07:57 Modus Operandi wrote:
> In the immortal words of James Morris <jmorris@namei.org>:
> > Pine users across the globe should be happy with this.
> >
> > http://spevack.livejournal.com/31924.html
> >
> > Personally, I look forward to not having to edit my pine binary after
> > each update in case I need to post here.
>   Coincidentally, just yesterday I had a phone call from a remote user
>   on a borrowed computer who was unable to check her mail until I helped
>   her to ssh in to the server and launch Pine. The University of
>   Washington's screwy license was what pushed me to Mutt in the first
>   place, but I have been keeping Pine around for the benefit of
>   non-technical users who need a console-based email client in a pinch,
>   and don't want to be bothered learning a lot of new key bindings or
>   editing a dot-rc file before using their MUA.
>   For users who are already familiar with Pine, there's always been the
>   option of running Mutt with Pine key bindings (Neale Pickett used to
>   alias that to "pink" on woozle.org). But then you miss out on the
>   on-screen menus, which are as comforting to newbies as they are
>   unneccessary for elitists. I'm pleased as punch to hear the news about
>   Alpine -- it certainly has its niche.
>   Speaking of Free versions of old-school mailers, has anyone had the
>   occasion to test the latest Eudora (Mozilla Thunderbird / Penelope)
>   yet? The CEO where I work is very stubborn about using Eudora for the
>   Mac, even though it's ridiculously obsolete.

I've only checked it out far enough to know ti won't run under wine..... 
install yes... run no.


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