[linux-elitists] Alpine in Fedora 8

Aaron Sherman ajs@ajs.com
Thu Oct 25 14:25:24 PDT 2007

Modus Operandi wrote:
>   Speaking of Free versions of old-school mailers, has anyone had the
>   occasion to test the latest Eudora (Mozilla Thunderbird / Penelope)
>   yet? The CEO where I work is very stubborn about using Eudora for the
>   Mac, even though it's ridiculously obsolete.

I have not, but I'll check it out and let you know. I think, at this 
point, I've used every mailer known to man, and most of the ones known 
to woman (they still keep some secrets from me). In college I used elm 
and then pine with bouts of some horrid things under VMS and a not so 
horrid thing under Domain/OS. I was a long-time emacs rmail and later vm 
user. I've used every incarnation of what's now called Thunderbird. I've 
used every version of Evolution (and hate the most current one the most, 
which is sad, because the early ones were pretty usable and edging 
toward vm's level of functionality, if buggy as sin). It took a long 
time for me to give up on mutt at home, but eventually I got to the 
point of wanting to do a lot more without having to use shell-escapes 
than mutt wanted to put up with. Speaking of which, my reasons for no 
longer perusing my pps project appear to have all died out... perhaps 
it's time to start writing that MUA plugin again....

So, I'm always game for something new.

One of the cool things about the place that I work is that it's 
populated by technical elitists, and so there's never been any hope of 
trying to promulgate "the standard mail client." Heck, getting people to 
stop reading directly from the spool was a fight. So, I doubt that I'll 
ever have to give up on my fickle ways....

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