[linux-elitists] [ruben@mrbrklyn.com: Re: FW: Ruben Safir - Computer Misuse]

Aaron Burt aaron@bavariati.org
Thu Oct 25 13:09:08 PDT 2007

On Thu, Oct 25, 2007 at 03:47:26PM -0400, Bob Bernstein wrote:
> ,----
[Me 'n' Brandon prattling away]
> `----
> Y'know, for those of us always, seemingly, just at the edge of
> another psychotic episode, these broken threads are really a tad
> much. 

It threads just fine in Mutt.  As for topical incontinence, Linux (and
its Elite) get play later in the message.

> Assessing penalties for such behavior may not be easy. I've taken
> a lesson from The Saddam Hussein School of Conflict Management
> course study guide, which prescribes that offenders be dragged
> screaming from their houses into the street and put down like
> rabid dogs in front of their families and loved ones. Properly
> administered, a twenty two long will do the trick.
> Thoughts?

Gotta use at least .22WMR or .223 or you'll be there all day.

Oh, and to complete things,  HITLER HITLER NAZI EMACS GEORGE BUSH.

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