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Thu Oct 25 07:49:14 PDT 2007

On Thu, Oct 25, 2007 at 10:36:24AM +0100, Teh Entar-Nick wrote:
> Ruben Safir:
> > What you would describe as childish behavior, however that's defined
> > at the moment, was instead a choice  to take their 40K, walk off the
> > job and spend 6 months with my estranged kids.  
> So they offered you $40k before you sent that long mail?  It looked more
> like they just threatened you with disciplinary action.

No, but I ***knew*** the minute that they sent the threat that it was
going to cost them about that much, or maybe a little more since I was
also covered by the whistleblowers law, HIPPA, and the union.

> I appreciate that in the end it worked out well for your life and the
> decisions put before you.  It's just that the mail you seem so proud of
> was a great tactical error, even if it won you a longer-term personal
> strategic benefit.  

There was no tactical error.  I got exactly what I wanted from them.
Your under the impression that there was a desire to either convert them
to GNU or to bring them enlightment.  There was neither.  There was and 
never will be any oppurtunity to bring any GNU system to them and I had
little desire to do so anyway.  Like I said, this is a Healthcare Organization.
They don't respond to anything ration nor can you move them with any carrots
or sticks.  They are not motivated by profits, nor concern with any issues
other than cashing medicaid checks.

> I just don't want other readers of this list to
> leave thinking that flaming executives in the name of Free Software is
> deserving of "atta' boy!" praise.

The story wasn't about that.  I don't see where you read that into the story.
Its not about a flame. It was about a story of what happens when you try to be 
generous with your IT stills when deal with hospitals.  They are fundementally
stupid and react violently to even the most benevolent efforts.  Hence, I
wouldn't give it a thought to download a run putty at work.  They're basic
lack of knoweldge and flaming political enviroment would cause a reaction
only worthwhile if I'm interested in leaving the position.

> > Of course, being that you have limited fiduciary responsibilities to
> > either children or under the law as a licensed professional, its very
> > easy to sit and throw barbs from the sidelines.  
> I'm not sure if you're trying to make a personal jab at me here.  Are
> you saying that:
> 	1. I have no children and no professional licensing
> 		restrictions. 
> 	2. Due to #1, I am not qualified to comment on matters of
> 		internal corporate communication?

I think I said what I ment.  It's not that you have no restrictions, 
but your not held responsible.  

> If so, I am curious to know what evidence you have for #1 and what
> reasoning results in #2.
> > You could also afford to learn a little bit about healthcare
> > organizations, and take some time to read this:
> Everyone in my family has worked in the healthcare industry at one point
> or another.  I did not dispute the core problem with your on-the-job
> situation.  You were correct in that they were in violation of any
> number of regulations designed to protect patient privacy and safety.
> This does not change the fact that your mail was clearly a big sign
> saying "FIRE ME!"

Yeah they tried that.  Instead they had to buy me off.

> > At $40,000 PER violation of HIPAA and being personally responsible for
> > the computer systems privacy capabilities under the law, the response
> > by the IT department and the organization was most welcome, because
> > frankly, my neck was being put out on the block every day.  And since
> > I have a career with high demand and decent enough salary, I could
> > make such choices.
> Again, if you read my mail you'll find that I commend you for the action
> you took.  I'm not saying you're in the wrong.  But your long angry mail
> was all but guaranteed to result in a dismissal.  This much was clear to
> anyone who reads it.

Your original response wasn't concerned at all about my dismisal, but for what
it is worth, the position became impossible to retain when they threatened me
with the first letter.  Since it was CCed to the enitire corpertate staff, 
some 9 people on the top of the corperate chain, the damage that resulted
from that first letter was irrepairable and the job was at that point
not possible to be conducted stafely under the law.

> > I don't know where you get the idea these events involved any kind of
> > advocacy.  
> So did you then *not* advocate a migration toward virus-free and
> spyware-resistant Free Software systems for managing of sensitive
> data?  Do you not do so now?

I never even mentioned it too them until the reply was written.

> > I wouldn't work for ANYONE who would abuse me like that infront of
> > superiors, regardless of any advocacy oppurtunities or money issues.
> > 
> > You'd have to stuff a lot of crack in your pipe, monkey boy, in order
> > to believe that leadership skills include accepting abusive situations
> > which can also affect the wellbeing of your children.
> You introduced this matter as a costly mistake, on the order of around
> $136,000 (I assume per year).  Are you saying that keeping your
> high-paying job would have harmed your children somehow?  

Ah - you make a good point.  But the mistake wasn't my reply, it was 
helping them in the first place.  I didn't know it at the time but the
job was gone the minute I agreed to help them.  That resulted in a change
in circumstances which made retaining the job impossible.  The letter just put
them on notice that if they were going to get rid of me, that it would cost them

The threat to the children occures if I had remained in the abusive condition 
because instead of sacrificing a salary, I'd have faced been fines
at $45K an instance.  That would be devastating.  The way it worked out,
I took the money and went on a well deserved sabatical.

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