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Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 19:55:04 -0400
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Subject: Re: FW: Ruben Safir - Computer Misuse
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Friendly Director(name removed) and all

I want to make this every clear to everyone involved, so there is no
misunderstanding.  I've spent the last 4 months cleaning those insecure
computers from key stroke capture programs, viruses, adware and spyware
for several months.  The computer which died today, I spend 4 hours of my
own time to resurect a hard drive which failed, most likely
due to the dust and dirt and the fact that those machines are on the
floor and old.

I called IT and told them specifically what I was going to do to try to 
fix that sick box in order to get more uptime on those machines.  When
runnign the low level tools to fix the file system, thousands of dead clusters
were found on the hda2 partition where the root DLL's exist for Windows OS.

In no uncertain terms, I want to make it clear that I expect an apology for 
this threat.  As a fact, Linux was installed AFTER that system died in my 
attempt to fix it.  Furthermore, frankly, the current IT department doesn't
have any personel with as much skill as I have with both microsystem and
large user environments. Every step I've made I've been meticulous in
in keeping supervisors and IT involved and in the loop.

And for the record, our IT departments software is currently, as we speak,
in direct violation of the HIPA act.  They do not adequately protect
pateint information, because the systems are spying on us, and this can be 
directly traced to the adoption by LOCAL BROOKLYN HOSPITAL of both the Microsoft
Exchange Server/Outlook combination, and Internet Explorer, if not for the
use of Windows itself as the enterprise solution for our sensitive medical

Furthermore, I've noted that our routers are not sensitive to Mac addressed
on the network, making every single ethernet port on this system completely
insecure, and the laptops hold important private data on them which 
leaves us vernable to theft of data and loss of data.

Finally, let me say that as I did an informal audit of systems, I've
found numerous license violations about the hospital.  People are loading 
privately ownered software and downloading software from the net, icluding
games, virus scanners, adware removal, software WINZIP.  If the BSA 
does an audit, it is going to cost the hosptial serious money.

On the other hand, every piece of Software I've loaded onto these system
in odrer to clean them of spyware and adware, is licensed to the public
as Free Software, most often under the terms of the GPL (see http://www.fsf.org)
.  They have allowed me to increase the productivity of the entire pharmacy 
staff in ways I would be all but too happy to demonstrate if I anyone
was really interested, which my impression is, they are not since I've
tried for months to get a face to face with the IT department.

When the memo went out from IT in regard to their policy, I noted specifically
the problems noted with their policy and software choices. This was enevitable 
because of the position they were putting us in.  This tern of evens was 
expected and so consider this an official communication which I'm keeping a 
permanent record of.


On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 05:40:26PM -0400, email@adressremoved wrote:
> Ruben,
> You must IMMEDIATELY stop loading any software on any KJMC computer.  If IS
> finds any authorized programs loaded on one of our computers by you, you
> will be subject to disciplinary action which can include termination.
> PLEASE heed this warning my friend.
> Thanks'
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> From: incompetent IT Mananger in local Brooklyn Hospital 
> Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 4:32 PM
> To: Freindly Pharmacy Direcotr
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> Subject: Ruben Safir - Computer Misuse
> Freidnly Pharmacy Director:
> Just to recapitulate our conversation, it has come to my attention that one
> of your pharmacists, Ruben Safir, has been loading unsupported and
> unauthorized programs on one of the computers in the Pharmacy.  He went so
> far as to load Linux, another operating system, on that machine.  We are now
> in the process of rebuilding the computer to KJMC specifications and to good
> working order, a task that can take quite some time.
> I have attached a copy of the IS PC Hardware and Software Standards to this
> email.  I would urge you to review this document with Mr. Safir as your
> earliest opportunity, with specific emphasis on the sections entitled,
> "Acceptable Use," "Unacceptable Use," and "Audit of Use".
> Please let me know if you need any assistance.
> Incompetetent IT director
> And a fat overwight man as well, PAHM, HDM
> Director
> Technical Operations and IT Architecture Services
> Delivering Tomorrow's Information Technology Solutions for Quality Patient
> Care at Local Brooklyn Hospital Today.
> Local Brooklyn Based Medical Center
> Somewhere in Brooklyn
> Brooklyn, New York 11203
> p: 718 HELP ME IM SICK
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Brooklyn Linux Solutions

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