[linux-elitists] RIAA Versus the Internet: PART III - A New Hope

Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Mon Oct 22 07:57:47 PDT 2007

> 1. Lobby for a DRM mandate: Possibly highly effective,
> but only works because it would destroy the rest
> of civilization.  Didn't work last time.

This is the big one.  If they get this it is game over.  We
sucessfully beat this back last time, and I was just listening
to the radio show that NYLXS made after the DRM Department of
Commerce ruckus.  Its worth listening to that show again and
far more educating then any slashdot article or High School
civics class.

> 2. Lobby against DMCA reform: Counterproductive --
> works in the interest of device and service lock-in,
> not for the record company.
> 3. Offer DRM-based downloads: Counterproductive --
> makes Steve Jobs "the most powerful man in music"
> and makes the player and service the centerpiece and
> the music the commodity.
> 4. Sell DRM-free copies online: Would have worked
> better earlier, still potentially useful.
> 5. Sue device manufacturers: Could have worked
> if the suit made device manufacturers adopt a
> record-company-driven distribution system.  But no
> such thing, so pointless.
> 6. Sue service providers: Would have worked better
> if barriers to switching were lower, but useful in
> that this deters Yahoo and Facebook from offering
> music sharing and recommendations.
> 7. Sue end users: Useful since if done consistently,
> it increases the mental cost of an infringing copy
> (like Clay Shirky's problem with micropayments).
> Works in combination with an alternative.  Would work
> better if infringer crawlers weren't hopelessly
> outclassed in their math skills, and smarter about
> taking out well-connected users.  ("hey, that IP
> address is in a frat house at Expensive U.")

This is our best hope.  The electorate is still sleep walking
through an obvious moral issue.  If they sue 500,000 people
I'd be happy as a lark.  That would cause Congress to just shread
the DMCA.

The RIAA's stratergy is very long term.  It is to put America
through a brain washing campaign, until people actually do believe
that downloading a song and playing it is imoral, and then to use that
as leverage to force DRM through hardware on everyone.

They of DEAD SERIOUS about this and relentless.  Just today
Viacom responded to Google's Copyright sniffer by rejecting it
and demanding a universal DRM scheme.  ALL THEY WANT IS A UNIVERSAL
DRM SCEEM.  They don't care about another god damn thing.  They don't give
a shit about Kazaar, itunes, usenet, profits, or anything else.  All they
want is unversal DRM at their control.

And the lawyers, even the EFF make it WORSE because they regurgitate legal
arguments devoid of "DRM is THEFT"

And I REPEAT.  That is why Freedom-ITs program which focuses on Free Software
multimedia is VITAL as a success.  It needs papers, press, participation.  It
must show off the best freesoftware multimedia research and businesses, 
producing DRM FREE spetacular and desirable media, on display, paraded around 
until it rots away at the core of the empire.  This is an all out war.  Either the
RIAA will win and Free Software (along with libraries and public discourse) 
will be dead, or the RIAA will be dead and Free Software and Libraries will
be protected for our lifetime.


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