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                          Freedom-IT North America
                           February 9-12 2008
                           Lake Placid, New York


   Freedom-IT is the annual North American Free Software Conference
   developed by a college of Free Software leaders and NYLXS for the
   professional development of Free Software research and development.

   Announcement: Call For Papers for North American Conference of
   Freedom-IT Winter 2007/8 

   The Freedom-IT is a college of professional Free Software developers
   in North America who conduct a yearly retreat for people serious about
   Free Software Development. It focuses on top shelf advances in Free
   Software and Computer Sciences in general.

    Freedom IT - Call For Papers:

   This years 2007-08 winter conference is "Technical development in
   Multimedia Software and Its Importance in Society".

   The Meeting will be held in Lake Placid in February, 2008

   Submitting Papers: Papers must be relevant the following topics listed
   below. Papers must be between 750 - 1500 characters. All papers should
   be sent to Ellen@nylxs.com. Preferred format include open
   non-proprietary standards which can be edited. Plain ascii text is
   best, although, HTML, and OpenOffice .odt and .sxv formats will be
   List of topics:
     * Developments of the following areas are of particular interest to
       the Freedom-IT conference:
     * Free Software and Audio Media and Delivery
     * Free Software Video codecs and Commercial Implementations
     * Media Cryptography and content control as well as reverse
       engineering of existing formats
     * Multimedia Distribution on small devices and phones
     * Streaming Media for commercial and home implementations
     * Broadcast Media formats, players and storage devices. (Tivo, Myth

   Societal and Commercial topics of study include:
     * The impact of GPL3 on Free Software media distribution.
     * Benefits and perils of the proposed high definition media
       propietary formats such as Blue Ray.
     * Text, print, and real world publishing. (LuLu.com) and its
       commercial implications.

   Papers that qualify will be sent notice.

   Presentation: Proper Time will be given as needed to present followed
   by questions.

   For further questions or more information email ellen@nylxs.com

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