[linux-elitists] All DJB's software released to public domain

Marc MERLIN marc@merlins.org
Fri Nov 30 00:46:32 PST 2007

I checked outside to see if pigs were flying, but maybe they don't fly at

Anyway, I love this /. comment:
"The biggest advantage of Unix is the "We stood on the shoulders of Giants"
philosophy. The library functions are continually improved and nowdays
there is a library function for nearly everything. Qmail goes completely
against this philosophy by rewriting nearly every higher level function in
libc it needs. Granted, when qmail came out some of these rewrites were
more secure and technically superior implementations. First of all, not
contributing them towards the libc's is sociopathic behaviour (I want only
my app to benefit, everyone else go suck bricks sidewise through a thin
straw). Second, their technical superiority even from a security perspective
is no longer there. Libc has moved on and even the worst of them (HPUX and
Irix) are now at the same level of the DJB replacements (or better)."

I could see how at the time DJB did not want or was not able to deal with
the libc folks of numerous unix platforms, but did he really try after the fact
so that he didn't have to maintain all that code in qmail?
Or were the libc folks dicks and they just laughed at him or ignored him?
(that wouldn't quite be unheard of either)

I guess my only coment is "good idea, but more than 10 years late"

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