[linux-elitists] New (and !IMPROVED) Linux Journal Site

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Fri Nov 16 21:57:27 PST 2007

begin Tilghman Lesher quotation of Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 01:02:46PM -0600:
> On Thursday 15 November 2007 12:32:02 Greg Folkert wrote:
> > Click on ANY links there, especially any nodes... 30 second load times.
> Are you sure this isn't your browser/memory management being slow?  Konqueror
> renders the page in under 4 seconds, including page load times.  Ditto for
> links off the main page.

About 3s here, on a Pentium M system throttled down to
600MHz, on DSL.  Iceweasel, with Flashblock
and AdBlock Plus running.  (Using the web without
those two extensions is like wearing your bunny
slippers to the cow barn.)

linuxjournal.com is actually pretty good for a
media site.  Many of the media sites load up pages
with a lot more...um..."partner content."  The W3C
validator doesn't like it, but that's pretty typical
(LWN passes -- who else?)

Most of the media sites will also blow your browser
cache on purpose.  Probably a vestige of back when
"time spent on site" was a metric that they showed
advertisers.  Good article on CMS cache abuse:

One more plus -- linuxjournal.com seems to have
accomplished the upgrade without making all the old
stuff go 404.  Most media sites aren't able to pull
that off, for some reason.

(Yes, I work for a media site, and yes, it's guilty
of most of this stuff and more.  LWN thread:

Don Marti                    

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