[linux-elitists] New (and !IMPROVED) Linux Journal Site

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Thu Nov 15 10:32:02 PST 2007


Takes for ever to load.

Looks like a content management site gone bad.

Don't get me wrong... it "looks" nice.

But the footer with red on black, and me with a "6300K" display almost
shows nothing on the footer, the light text shows almost dark grey on
the black.

Click on ANY links there, especially any nodes... 30 second load times.

FYI, I run a clustered content management site, using a 1 to 1 apache
proxy to apache mod_perl website, using Ultra-Monkey in front of the 4
reverse-proxy webservers.

I have 4 VMs (Dual Processor, 3.6GB memory) running 39 client websites
(and 4 for us) off of two Dual Processor/4core Xeon machines each with
8GB of memory, each site servicing about 50GB of dynamic content per day
and about as much static content(media files mainly), with LOTSA hits
each day for each site. I use DBI connection to log all traffic to a DB:

 "Customlog |/path/to/script/acces_log.pl combinedext"

These machines do just fine and our LONGEST wait time for ANY of our
customers is a catalog being serviced by a SOAP call to a SLOW machine,
400 catalog entries on the largest one... 30 seconds.

I get HUGELY SLAMMED for response times over 10 seconds, even if its
from ENTARNET Latency. Our customers are very proactively monitoring
EVERYTHING. From complete page load times, to individual load times for
graphics/mpgs/avi/swf "known" to have had issues before.

And the company I work for also eats its own dog-food, everything we do
is through this cluster setup.

So, overall, I can easily say this with confidence:

The New Linux Journal website TOTALLY BLOWS the 5 second rule initial
render rule. It also fails to impress me with its lack of speediness on
nearly ANYTHING.

Summary and rating:

I don't care a hoot about "presentation" as long it stays out of the
way. If it gets in the way, I care a lot, here is my problem.

Initial impression rating (1 to 10, 10 being perfect): 2
Plunking around impression not including load times: 7
Load times: 0-1

Heavily skewed "because I hat long wait times" Overall score: 2
Greg Folkert <greg@gregfolkert.net>
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