[linux-elitists] Show Us The Code

David L. Anselmi anselmi@anselmi.us
Sat Mar 3 19:24:07 PST 2007

Rick Moen wrote:
> Maddeningly, it's correctly (if somewhat obscurely) documented in some
> distros' manpages, but not others.  In RHEL (sure, take a bow), one sees
> this:
>        -ITIMESPEC, --iso-8601[=TIMESPEC]
> Debian 4.0 "etch" lacks that detail (in "man 1 date", anyway -- and also in
> the related info docs on GNU coreutils).  In the same stretch of
> manpage on "etch", only this appears:
>        --rfc-3339=TIMESPEC

The Debian bug on this says that --iso-8601 is deprecated in favor of 
--rfc-3339 and contains links to the upstream discussion:


Be nice if there were a short option, I guess.


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