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Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Jul 12 12:09:53 PDT 2007

Quoting Sloan (joe@tmsusa.com):

> Admittedly I'm a techie, not a lawyer, so my view of the situation may
> differ from yours. So, you're a lawyer then, or at least have a good
> understanding of copyright law? If so, please humor this poor geek and
> help me understand something - if the nvidia driver is a derivative of
> the linux kernel, how can I reconcile that idea with the existence of
> the solaris, freebsd and windoze drivers? IIUC the windoze drivers
> predate the linux ones by some years.

I'd be utterly astonshed if Nvidia's kernel portions of their Solaris,
FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows drivers proved to be identical and not
tailored to their respective kernel environments.  That seems a quite
astonishing proposition, and indeed would seem quite the revolution in
software engineering, if so.

I sure hope you don't think that "Well, we wrote something rather different
but with a similar purpose for platform X, and then wrote this one for
platform Y, so there's no way our driver can be derivative of the Y
kernel codebase" holds water.

> Were I ever to discover that said drivers had any negative impact on the
> reliability of my systems, said drivers would be banned, end of story.

You might not have, but others sure did.

The LKML regulars were so vexed by bogus kernel "bug" reports that, as
mentioned, they invented the entire "taint" mechanism just to ward those

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