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Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Jul 12 10:47:19 PDT 2007

Quoting Sloan (joe@tmsusa.com):

> While the nvidia drivers do indeed seem to be against the wishes of
> some

Those "some" would be -- to be specific -- relevant copyright owners. 
Please pardon the interruption of your weasel-wording:  You're doing
just fine.  Pray do continue with the transparent rationalising, please.
It's quality entertainment.

> ... the charge that it violates the license seems open to
> interpretation IMHO.

Nvidia's interpretation seems guided by Upton Sinclair's Principle (as
recounted in Al Gore's recent flick):  "It's hard to understand
something when your paycheck depends on your not understanding it."

Me, I'd be utterly astonished if, upon judicial examination, Nvidia's
proprietary kernel driver didn't get ruled to clearly borrow more than
sufficient of Linux's copyrightable elements to be a derivative work.
It's quite difficult to imagine it not being.

Perhaps you mean "The charge is contested by people who either don't
understand copyright law or are paid to behave that way."

> Of course, if we were all good little citizens, we'd probably be
> running windoze anyway, because that's what the man says you gotta
> use.

Save us the cheap collegiate nihilism.

> It's certainly not *my* intention to piss off the kernel developers. Far
> from it. But on desktop machines which are equipped with nvidia
> graphics, I run the nvidia drivers for the same reason I run linux: I'm
> desirous of excellence [...]

ITYM "unfixable, undiagnosable bugs that have been so severe that they
inspired invention and deployment of the taint flag".  HTH.

Random link propagation, mostly unrelated but of possible interest:
(Arguable connection resides in the linked Vodaphone Greece story,
involving invisible security vulnerabilities in a critical proprietary 
software system.)

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