[linux-elitists] ultra 20 m2

Rob Funk rfunk@funknet.net
Thu Jul 12 04:30:11 PDT 2007

Greg KH wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 12, 2007 at 01:47:45AM -0400, Rob Funk wrote:
> > Though coming up with a modern elitist machine that has all-free
> > drivers and halfway-decent 3D (for compiz/beryl) on at least three DVI
> > monitors seems to be an exercise in frustration if not futility.
> I have an Intel motherboard here that will handle 2 DVI monitors just
> fine with all opensource drivers, and I think the newer ones can handle
> more, but do not know for sure.

Yeah, I helped put together one last year that'll do two monitors.  Now I'm 
elitist enough to want three with the option of four later, and I know the 
one I built can't do that.

But thanks, I'll look closer at Intel's most recent stuff.  If I'm 
successful I'll report back.

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