[linux-elitists] ultra 20 m2

Eugen Leitl eugen@leitl.org
Wed Jul 11 11:54:22 PDT 2007

Since the quad-core Opterons are ante portas, and my system is
slowly getting a bit long in the tooth, I've been looking at
possible successors.

I'd rather not build a system from components this time, so either a 
Dell with Ubuntu (no AMDs there yet, though), or a Sun Ultra 


20 M2 (successor?) are possible candidates. I think I'll install OpenSolaris,
Windows XP Professional and a recent Ubuntu (running 6.06 LTS right now).
I expect to spend most of my time in Ubuntu. 

What I'd like to have is a quiet, reasonably performant
quad-core system. It should be able to drive three DVI lines
(which means two cards, right?), using nVidia graphics acceleration 
(fanless / passively cooled). 

Any possible alternatives (to Sun or Dell) I'm possibly overlooking?
In a pinch, a suggestion for a list of components to use (or not to use)
would be nice (I'm based in Europe, so egg.com are not good sources). 


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