[linux-elitists] So, now that some of the dust has settled...

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Fri Jul 6 07:22:19 PDT 2007

How has the "device drivers written for 'free' offer" been doing?

I am asking only because we really haven't seen much news about it, nor
have we been inundated with the progress. I am anxious to see how things
are going, but the usual locations for info are not as forth coming or
updated enough.

Of course I haven't really looked at Greg's (K-H that is) blog site
other than for the neat kernel history stuffs, I've noticed a distinct
lack of info about the drivers project(s).

On another note though, it appears Microsoft is in complete denial that
the vouchers they distributed are all about. 


There are also much discussion at the drinking fountain(s) about what
the GPLv3 actually means for us as a bunch of hobbyist developers.
Obviously we can't even make something work right without using SCOg's
(Caldera, New SCO, Yarro's lackeys, etc...) Precious IP... and now 235
(that number pulled from /dev/ass it appears) Patents Microsoft "owns."

I am just stirring the pot a bit, to see if it is soup yet, you see the
rock at the bottom sure is magical.
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