[linux-elitists] Spam fighting

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Jan 16 19:17:24 PST 2007

begin  Jonathan Corbet quotation of Sun, Dec 10, 2006 at 09:29:57AM -0700:

> FWIW, I looked at this back in February:
> 	http://lwn.net/Articles/172491/
> 	http://lwn.net/Articles/173910/
> I had serious false-positive problems with CRM114, but maybe it's gotten
> better since.

My CRM114 install has grown up some, and now
dislikes much marketing-sounding prose, including
some newsletters from the IT Media and quite a few
press releases.  I think I'm OK with this, as long
as I accept that I'm running more of a machine-aided
bullshit filter than a filter for U(C|B)E as such.

I have also gotten a few false positives on password
reminders from web sites.  (Which is, of course,
the sites' fault for not supporting OpenID.)

Don Marti                    

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