[linux-elitists] Tuesday 6 February 2007 NYU Free Culture Club: General Meeting, OLPC, arXiv for all

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Subject: Tuesday 6 February 2007 NYU Free Culture Club: General Meeting, OLPC, arXiv for all

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 Subject: [free-culture] Meeting on Tuesday Feb. 6th at 8pm & Statement of Support for Open Access
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 Hey there,

 We'll be having a general meeting Tuesday at 8pm. It's our second
 meeting of the semester so please come if you're interested in
 participating in Free Culture @ NYU; we're always looking for
 new faces, so please don't feel shy if you've never attended.
 This week we'll be talking about One Laptop Per Child (which made
 a special appearance at last weeks' meeting and will probably be
 making another at this week's), free culture, music, and our
 plans for a spring concert.

 *Free Culture @ NYU, General Meeting
 **8pm, Tuesday February 6th 2007
 7th Floor of Kimmel Student Center
 Washington Square South b/w La Guardia and Thompson*


 Also, Check out the Alliance for Taxpayer Access Student Support site:

 No matter what you're studying - astrophysics, zoology,
 business, or any of the other dozens of disciplines offered by
 your university - you probably spend a significant amount of
 time writing research papers.  Your university library likely
 subscribes to some of the academic journals that you'll need to
 conduct your research, but only the largest, best-endowed schools
 have access to anything even approaching the majority of
 available academic research publications. Are you getting access
 to what you need?

 Learn more and sign the Student's Statement of Support


 Fred Benenson
 Free Culture @ NYU

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