[linux-elitists] Firefox Profiles are a Good Idea

Aaron Sherman ajs@ajs.com
Thu Dec 27 08:15:54 PST 2007

Shlomi Fish wrote:
> Using Firefox profiles instead of different users have other advantages - see 
> below.

I file this under the general trap of assuming that a feature that can 
be used well is necessary. I can think of a number of ways to make 
excellent use of a can opener on my coffee cup. However, it would make 
my coffee cup unwieldy and more expensive, so I don't have one there. 
It's not a matter of identifying the benefits alone, but the 
relationship between the costs and the benefits. How much performance 
and/or resident memory size do you sacrifice for that feature as 
compared with other features? Is *that* worth it?

I'm not taking a stand on profiles per se, just advocating for looking 
at more than just benefits.

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