[linux-elitists] Firefox Profiles are a Good Idea

Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Wed Dec 5 09:56:06 PST 2007

>    But here I'm seeing (perhaps I'm wrong) something less clearly a 
> design flaw and more so into the viable but not desirable usage 
> range.   

Hello James

I'm making an assumption of experience here with the reader that perhaps you
don't have.  What does Firefox do if it crashes and you restart it>

What does it do when you start it more than once?

For example I can NOT stand people using their desktop as a 
> file system, and maximizing every application on a 1600x1280 screen 
> (then typing a word doc in 10 pt font. ?!?)  but there is no solid, 
> definable problem in doing that other than it drives me nuts.  
> Conversely when Linspire (then Lindows) came out running everthing as 
> root, I could accurately point to a serious design flaw.  
>    Jeff Raskin was one of those who often took the "Father knows best" 
> attitude to UI design.  He told the story of turning background 
> foreground and font color to red on an Ultimate Usability app design.  
> He thought it was good to protect the user from doing this.  I 
> contend that it's much more fun to laugh after they do, do it, then 
> walk away giggling.  

Not when your in charge of tech support or when you have 6 kids.  Some of us 
have to actually live in the world and our time is of some import.

>    Then again that's why I prefer the WM I use.  More configuration 
> options.  Little noticeable (to me) speed drop.  On that one I'm in 
> Linus' camp.  

What does that mean?   Linus doesn't know what camp he's in on any given day.
Why don't you let Linus be Linus and you can try to stake out your own independent
legacy.  I'll tell you this much.  The Linux kernel would have gotten NOWHERE if it
spent so much time trying to emulate and over coming broken features of other OS's.


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