[linux-elitists] Re: Resume document formats

Paul Collins paul@briny.ondioline.org
Fri Apr 20 21:38:55 PDT 2007

Bob Bernstein <rs@bernstein.providence.ri.us> writes:

> Speaking of email lists, is there an alternative to mailman that
> doesn't suck smallish system resources dry just sitting there
> doing nothing?
> Put another way, is there a variation on the ezmlm theme which
> does not depend on qmail?

Enemies Of Carlotta might be worth a look.  I haven't used it myself,
though, I can't vouch for it.


    Enemies of Carlotta is a simple mailing list manager. It tries to
    mimick the ezmlm software somewhat, but is written completely from
    scratch, in Python. I wrote it because I finally decided that I
    don't want to live with the QMail and ezmlm licenses, and couldn't
    find something small and simple to replace them. For example,
    Mailman is too large, and I strongly dislike its user interface.

Paul Collins
Wellington, New Zealand

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