[linux-elitists] Re: Resume document formats

Jim Thompson jim@netgate.com
Fri Apr 20 13:17:18 PDT 2007

This whole thread reminds me strongly of, "Doctor, it hurts when I do this!"

If the IT industry in your locale has changed (or left), you have a 
couple choices:

a) move, follow the jobs
    There may be reasons to stay where you are (aging parents, though my 
father turned 71    
    yesterday, and I live 3000 miles away.)

b) find a new job, possibly in a new field

    There are many jobs in the 'trades' (electrician, plumber, welder) 
that pay well once
    you're past the 'journeyman' phase.   You might find these more 
interesting than sitting
    on your ass, and it might just be that the combination of your 
sysadmin skills and your
    new job makes you double-secure in your new job, since you'll 
shortly find yourself
    tending the office systems at your new employer, or the union hall.
    You could always learn to program.  You might find that the 
combination of l33t sys-admin
    sk1lz and real competency with a real-world programming language 
puts you back in the
    market.   You might also find (as I have) that it suddenly doesn't 
matter where you live,
    since your customers are now world-wide.

c) sit and complain, and ask how you're going to comply with the 
requirement to format Word    

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