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Hal Eisen eisen@dunhackin.org
Wed Apr 18 09:49:28 PDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-18 at 11:02 -0400, Greg Folkert wrote:
> A question to which only this list can answer. This a very serious
> question to me. Please 

I'll give you a two-fer...

> I have been recently looking for new job/contract/etc.
> Going through Monster, Dice, Hot-Jobs, M-Live, the local paper,
> recruiters, other "consulting" type firms, they all want a resume or CV
> in "Word" format, even for OS (*NIX) analysts or Network analysts,
> Infrastructure Engineers... all that kind of cruft. They all want *MS
> WORD* formats. RTF isn't acceptable either, I've tried.

(1) So don't do it.  Stick to your principles and only use the tools you
feel comfortable using.  In my [1] experience, those organizations that
require MS Word resumes are organizations that I wouldn't want to work
with in the first place.  They are too mainstream and too hide-bound.
If the job sounds particularly interesting anyway, go ahead and send an
HTML or a PDF and see if they'll take it - many people do.

(2) Don't use Monster, Dice etc for job seeking.  Those routes all go
through gatekeepers whose job is to say "no" to applicants.  Bypass the
gatekeepers.  One way is to use your network.  Talk to every friend and
colleague about what you are looking for.  Even if they don't know
something themselves, ask them for a reference to someone who would be
more likely to know about a job.  LinkedIn is often good for this.
Another way to get past the gatekeepers is to pick the company you want
to work at *first*, and then mount a serious campaign to get in the
door.  Stake out the Starbuck's near their office and identify who works
there and go introduce yourself.  Scan various email mailing lists for
people posting from the company and contact them directly. [2]

Good luck in your job quest!


[1] When I've been doing the hiring, I told my HR person to request HTML
and/or PDF files from the candidates.  Those who cannot produce resumes
in those file formats are less qualified to be engineers in my
organizations.  Of course, I've always worked in Unix/Linux shops.

[2] I got these ideas from "What Color Is Your Parachute" by Richard
Bolles.  I've gotten my last two jobs using these techniques.

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