[linux-elitists] How do you...

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Wed Apr 18 08:06:04 PDT 2007

Greg Folkert:
> Going through Monster, Dice, Hot-Jobs, M-Live, the local paper,
> recruiters, other "consulting" type firms, they all want a resume or
> CV in "Word" format, even for OS (*NIX) analysts or Network analysts,
> Infrastructure Engineers... all that kind of cruft. They all want *MS
> WORD* formats. RTF isn't acceptable either, I've tried.

So please accept my apologies if this sounds like a
wasn't-paying-attention answer, but have you tried sending them RTF in a
file with a .doc extension?  The trick I once learned from Don Marti
several years ago was that if you renamed an HTML file with .doc Word
would apparently just open it up as Pretty Laid-Out Text and convert it

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