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Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Wed Apr 18 08:02:12 PDT 2007

A question to which only this list can answer. This a very serious
question to me. Please 

I have been recently looking for new job/contract/etc.

Going through Monster, Dice, Hot-Jobs, M-Live, the local paper,
recruiters, other "consulting" type firms, they all want a resume or CV
in "Word" format, even for OS (*NIX) analysts or Network analysts,
Infrastructure Engineers... all that kind of cruft. They all want *MS
WORD* formats. RTF isn't acceptable either, I've tried.

Sure, I use OO.o and TexLive (TeTeX is dead). I make a perfect looking
PDF using ghostscript or export it from OO.o. But then you say, save it
as a word doc from OO.o. OO.o's "Save as Word 2K/XP/etc" screws heavily
with the formatting. Since I don't have Windows nor OSX, I have to truck
my butt (its a big butt) to the local Library, open the file in
MSOfficeXP/Wordv11 and fight with it for 2 hours to get it page breaking
properly, proper margins, replacing the font, the sizing, the tabs
removal of auto-magic tabling of data (I hate that part most),
formatting adjacent lines of text the same way you just formatted on
line... for white-space. Only thing I DID NOT want it to change the
adjacent line! Best of all, paying US$0.15 per page time 4 pages of my
resume totaling US$0.60 per printing to review and proofread. This does
not mention the fact I have about 20 versions of my Resume aimed at
different types of jobs; Chronological, Functional, Overview, Really
long detailed, Summary There are many, many other reasons I hate the
MSOffice suite. some other time can be devoted to that.

I ask them why they need it in Word Format? They tell me, that is what
they need it in, period, no other reasons are given. I ask, can you give
me the money to buy Windows and Office (about US$600-700 total) so I can
give them their requirement, of course they laugh or are in Shock I
don't use Windows. They then suggest I just get Office for the MAC. I
explain; No I don't use or have a MAC. Again they laugh or are in Shock.
When I tell them I use Linux or one of the BSDs, they go; DUH-HUH?

So, it should come as no surprise, I am basically in a bad state as far
as generating quality "Word Format" Resumes. With the tools I have
locally (not at the library), how do I make a proper *MS WORD* resume
for the people that know no better?
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

I don't mow my lawn anymore. I just intimidate it into not growing.
Though it is quite hard to intimidate grass, it has been around a long time
and has quite an attitude about it.
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