[linux-elitists] Dot-org area at LWCE

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Apr 10 22:02:33 PDT 2007

Attention freedom lovers:

You know how the big company booths get a theater
area on the LinuxWorld trade show floor and the Free
Software projects only get little booths?

You know how the same projects show up in the
dot-org area over and over, even though a lot of
great projects have started in the years since LINC,
I mean LWCE, got going?

Well, the rules have changed.

First, we're getting an unconference theater area
on the show floor for speakers, dot-org exhibitors,
and other experts to do demos and take questions.
Projector, speakers, the whole nine yards.

Second, we're looking for more projects to come out
and take a booth in the dot-org area.

So please take a minute to fill out a form:
and get some LWCE representation for your new project
in San Francisco this fall.  Questions please mail me.

Don Marti                    

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