[linux-elitists] Current client-side anti-spam best practices

glen martin glenm@locutory.org
Tue Sep 26 17:53:29 PDT 2006

Ben Finney wrote:
> On 26-Sep-2006, glen martin wrote:
>> Ben Finney wrote:
>>> If one wants to reject an incoming message because it appears to
>>> be spam (or other malicious mail), the correct time to do it is
>>> while one is engaged in the SMTP conversation with the party
>>> sending it.
>> Ah. I think 'correct' is a religious bias. My view is that I want
>> the spammers to get as little information from me as possible, so I
>> prefer to send spam into a black hole.
> It seems from the above that you rather consider "reject" to be
> inappropriate for spam. 
> Which doesn't speak against my clain that *if*
> one wants to reject it, SMTP-time is the correct time to do so.
> So, happily, it seems our views are different but compatible.
Precisely right. I was being sloppy, interpreted 'reject' generically.
> I must be on the wrong list :-)
Not so far as I've noticed. Sorry if I came off incorrect - um, wrong.


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