[linux-elitists] Current client-side anti-spam best practices

glen martin glenm@locutory.org
Tue Sep 26 15:20:06 PDT 2006

Ben Finney wrote:
> On 26-Sep-2006, glen martin wrote:
>> Jeff Waugh wrote:
>>> I receive most of it via mail aliases on foreign machines, so my
>>> MTA can't smack most of it down on the way in (I rarely get spam
>>> through it).
>> I'm not sure I understand this: after going through the remote
>> alias, does the adulterated message not come in through your own
>> MTA?
> If one wants to reject an incoming message because it appears to be
> spam (or other malicious mail), the correct time to do it is while one
> is engaged in the SMTP conversation with the party sending it.
Ah. I think 'correct' is a religious bias. My view is that I want the
spammers to get as little information from me as possible, so I prefer
to send spam into a black hole. Otherwise the spam rejections become a
conversational data stream from which they can learn things of me and my
systems, and evolve.


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