[linux-elitists] Getting a new USB devices to work with {Favorite} LInux distribution.

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Tue Sep 12 07:03:59 PDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 08:05 -0500, critch wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 08:47 -0400, Greg Folkert wrote:
> > This is aimed at a target audience that include LE and really certain
> > subscribers to it.
> > 
> > I having sound mind and judgment (please don't deny me me fantasy), have
> > purchased an MP3/"PlaysForSure"/OtherMedia/Picture/Video player. A
> > Sandisk Sansa e250. 2GB iPod Nano killer. Yes, I like it barring 2
> > things.
> > 
> >      1. The menu navigation scroll ring doesn't slide as nicely as one
> >         would expect. But that should change through use.
> >      2. Linux Distributions I have tried, see it. Just don't know how to
> >         address it or speak to it. Having 2 modes MTP (Media Transfer
> >         Protocol) and MSC (Mass Storage Class).
> > 
> > Just to clarify, Windows Media Player (with "Playforsure" Rights
> > Management) requires the use of MTP. SO, I am guessing the preferred
> > mode for use with Linux would be MSC. At least I hope that is a good
> > guess.
> As MSC, it is the same as any other mass storage device such as a usb
> flash card reader. There is nothing special to do for it. Drop mp3 files
> anywhere and the firmware finds it just fine.

Yes, I understand this, but I guess I should have been a bit more clear.
The USB-IDs that are from linux-usb.sf.net don't currently have this
device in it. So, it doesn't come up on the Desktop like it should. In
fact, the three Linux machine I have direct access to at home right now,
(Ubuntu Dapper (Laptop), Debian Sid (Desktop), ~~Shudder~~ FC5
(Desktop)) all fail to put an ICON on my GNOME Desktop.

I see plenty of log messages, but no assignment of a USB storage related
stuff. even with usb-storage loaded (which it is as I use SD cards for
photos on all three machine).

I want this to be a no brainer for my 13 year-old to use, as she has no
patience for "the work arounds" to get it mounted and un-mounted safely.
It why she wanted "Windows" and used an iPod Nano and insisted she get
one... last I checked that machine it comes up and somewhere between 20
seconds and 200 seconds it just shuts off. Scanned it and I have found
over 300K of spyware and malware instances on it... therefore iTunes is
Not Available. Relenting does not come easy to her, nor does admitting
that Dad was correct.

Upon the epiphany of why I did not want her to get an iPod ANYTHING, she
now has put the pressure on me to deliver a Linux machine with this MP3
player and eMusic as the music buying location. I also have a few ...
ahem ... hundreds of GB ripped and encoded music, that she also wants to
be able to play. iTunes choked on that massive amount of music... 36,000

So the task gauntlet has been set.

> Trouble I have had with the 4gig version is that when you delete files
> from the device, I haven't been able to reclaim the full space. After
> filling it with some mp3 files and then deleteing some of them, I was
> left with 2 gig of space available. Haven't done much diagnosis yet, but
> am highly upset about the lack of space.

If you use GNOME, that pesky .Trash-username (etc..) is still there. Try
emptying trash with it mounted.
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

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