[linux-elitists] Getting a new USB devices to work with {Favorite} LInux distribution.

Jonathan Corbet corbet@lwn.net
Tue Sep 12 06:01:16 PDT 2006

Greg Folkert <greg@gregfolkert.net> wrote:

> What would one need to do to get this device (device class from Sandisk)
> to be recognized by udev, hal, usb-id, freedesktop... etc,
> automagically?

Put Rockbox on it!  You'll never look back, and you don't need all that
Windows DRM stuff anyway.

There's just this little detail that the Sansa port is some distance
from being ready for prime time yet...not sure it can actually play
music at this point...but it's going to be cool.

Meanwhile, if it does mass storage, it really should Just Work.  You
should see a disk drive which you can mount and mess with.  Depending on
your distribution, it may throw windows at you to this effect, or you
might have to mount it yourself.


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